Bachelor of Arts in Worship Arts


The Worship Arts major is designed to prepare today’s students to be worship leaders who significantly impact the lives of others, further personal ministry and influence the future of worship in the church. Worship arts students will be challenged through intensive biblical studies, relevant music and technology classes and be practically equipped in a variety of hands-on ministry opportunities. An audition is required for admittance into the program. Both vocalist and instrumentalist are encouraged to apply.


  • Music Theory, harmony, and sight singing
  • Music Technology
  • A practicum experience in a local church
  • Songwriting and Arranging
  • Vocal Development through choral experience
  • Conducting and rehearsal techniques
  • Music ensembles

Audition Process:

The goal of the Laurel University music audition is to highlight your strengths while helping to assess your potential to thrive in our focused program. Since the intent of the Worship Arts Program is to develop worship leaders, the student will be auditioned both for their main instrument and their singing. The purpose of the audition is to ascertain that a student has the innate musical ability necessary for success in this program.

The Audition…

Live auditions can be scheduled with the help of the applicants Admission Counselor, and generally will be held on the Laurel University campus. In some instances, worship faculty may be available for off-campus auditions. The live audition will take approximately 30 minutes and may consist of the following:

  • two prepared worship songs of varying styles on applicants main instrument.
  • one sung worship song of applicant’s choice.
  • one sung harmony part to a well known worship song.
  • improvisation (instrumental or vocal) within a well-known Praise & Worship song.
  • lead sheet sight-singing and/or chord chart reading
  • technique (scales and triads) & ear tests (sing back, clap back)

*If you are a vocalist without a second instrument, you may be asked to sing two worship songs of varied styles. It would be beneficial for you to bring a recorded accompaniment on either a CD or jump drive.