Currently, Laurel University is searching for a Men’s Lacrosse Coach:

Head Lacrosse Coach for Men

Job Title:         Head Lacrosse Coach (initially part time)
Department:  Student Services
Reports To:    Executive Director

Laurel University, a 110-year-old Bible school of 200 students located in High Point, North Carolina, seeks an experienced person to recruit and lead the men’s lacrosse team for the 2014-15 academic year.

Using the city fields for practice and play while the university designs and develops the campus property to support sports programs, the head coach will recruit eligible players desiring the type of education offered by Laurel University. Most important to this process is making the correct “student-institution fit” for each student athlete. The student services team is ready with scholarships, tryout days, information sessions and communication to assist with identifying and enrolling these new students for the fall of 2014.

The university expects to compete on the Club Sport level at first so the lacrosse programs can compete in that division and league, if the coach so desires. Further, while the position will be funded as part-time from March 2014 to August 2014; it will become full-time in August and paid appropriate to the size of each team and the responsibilities of the head coach. Included in the lacrosse budget is a part-time assistant paid by the university as well as a suitable travel and equipment budget. The budget will be adjusted to the size and competition of the team as determined by recruiting from January to spring. We have been in the market recruiting men since December and have some good leads that need follow up.

Most important for the head coach is the ability to become part of the university family and represent the principles and values esteemed by faculty, students and staff.  It will tkae a self-starter with the patience, vision and energy to develop this program from inception to fruition but the rewards will be uncommon and life-fulfilling. Essential will be the collaboration with the university team to identify and award the correct scholarship level to the most deserving students. The admissions team is ready to get going with applications, high visits and support.

Presently, fall tuition at Laurel University is around $10,500 dollars. Scholarship levels exclusive to lacrosse will range from $1,000 to $4,000 per year. We have no board program so the room costs include a kitchen, utilities, cable and four to an apartment. The two semesters room cost (10 months) are about 5,000 dollars. We are renovating our apartments this summer. There are many very reasonably priced apartments close to the campus if students wanted to venture a short distance away. Also, with a critical mass of 50-100 students (we are starting 8 new scholarship programs) we can offer food through various delivery systems when needed.

With time going by we need to get a person or persons in place to help us launch this program and recruit 15-20 players for the team so we might compete by next spring semester.

Interested applicants can send a résumé and cover letter electronically to Kathy Cutrell, Director of Human Resources at hr@laureluniversity.edu  or call 336-887-3000, x133.