Financial Info

We are committed to facilitating students in discovering financial aid resources.  Our new online system, the Virtual Financial Aid Office (VFAO), takes your information and completes a financial aid package for you. It’s easy to use, secure and accessible 24/7 from any online computer.

Laurel U is eligible to participate in most Title IV government aid programs intended to supplement you and your family’s financial resources.

If you demonstrate financial need, scholastic ability and Christian leadership, you may be considered for the limited scholarships, grants and loans available as well.

We want you to succeed once you graduate! 

Our commitment is to maintain the quality of education while making it as affordable as possible for you. Tuition rates are as low as $290 per credit hour, depending on the course of study you pursue. Here is a table of tuition and fees:

Tuition and Fees for 2013-2014
Undergraduate: chr = credit hour
             o On Campus Traditional Programs $380 / chr
             o Adult Degree Completion Programs $300 / chr
             o Online Programs $300 / chr
     Student Fees
             o Traditional Campus Programs
                      1-4 hours $258 / semester
                      4.5+  hours $365 / semester
             o School of Management Programs $200 / semester
             o Online Programs $200 / semester
     Other Fees
             o Textbooks (Estimate for all programs) $550 / semester
             o Atheneo Materials Fee (Certain Online Courses) $50 / course
             o Audit / CEU Course Fee $110 / course
             o Biology/Science Lab $50
             o Change of Program $55
             o Computer Course Lab $50
             o Credit by Demonstrated Competency $15 / chr
             o Drama Class $50
             o Graduation (Walk) $200
             o Late Registration $100
             o Returned Check $25
Graduate and Post Graduate:
             o All Master’s degrees $375 / chr
             o Doctor of Ministry $410/ chr
     -Student Fees are the same as undergraduate
     -Other Fees are the same as undergraduate
             o MBA Materials Fee (Certain MBA Courses) $500 / course
Certificates / CEUs:
             o Earning full academic credit $290-340 / chr
             o Earning CEU or no credit $110 / course
     Single Student $1400 / semester
     Family * $600 / month

 Family Housing rent includes the cost of utilities and water.

Get a more personalized tuition estimate by using our tuition calculator!

Remember: all scholarships and grants awarded to students are contingent upon maintaining a satisfactory GPA, positive campus citizenship and exemplary Christian character.

Want to learn more? Check out the links to the right. There’s where you’ll find out about the cost of attendance, what steps to take to obtain financial aid, and other frequently asked questions.

For students living in North Carolina, the College Foundation of North Carolina website has a large amount of useful information including available scholarships and grants.

ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS SEEKING FINANCIAL AID: the financial process (FAFSA and VFAO interview) must be completed by August 1.

Through our innovative approach to education, you have the chance to earn a degree while continuing your employment. We know you are busy, so we tailor times, places and formats to help you reach your educational goals.

Working adults can continue working full-time and complete their degrees in the most cost-effective program in the area! Some companies offer tuition reimbursement programs for their students. Financial aid is also available for qualifying students. Once you’ve completed your FAFSA, use our Virtual Financial Aid Office (VFAO) to input other student information to learn of your estimated financial aid based on the information given. Learn more about Steps for Financial Aid here.

Please use the information we’ve provided in the links to the right, especially Financial Info FAQ and a Tuition Calculator.

NOTE: Due to the ever-changing nature of financial aid, please email regarding the latest regulations and requirements for applying for financial aid.