Dean of Laurel U’s School of Management Debuts New Book

Dr. J. Owen Allen, executive vice president and dean of the School of Management at Laurel University, debuted his new book, Preactive Leadership, at a book signing at the Oak Hollow Mall Barnes & Noble in High Point, NC, on Saturday, August 18, 2012.  The event was open to the public.

Before entering the academic world, Allen provided private practice international management training and consulting. He led corporate seminars in situation control, decision making, trouble prevention, stress reduction, and personality profiling to more than 30,000 supervisors, managers, and executives.  His client list included General Electric, General Motors, Hilton Hotels, John Deere, Kraft Foods/Sealtest, the U.S. Navy, Westinghouse and many government agencies. During his career, he traveled, trained, taught, and researched in over sixty countries.

Everyone is a leader, whether they know it or not – because leadership is influence!

Allen’s desire to encourage and facilitate leadership led him to write. “People sometimes believe that leaders are born, not made. I propose that everyone is a leader, whether they know it or not – because leadership is influence,” states Allen. “Influence, however, needs enough exertion to promote visible behavioral change.”

Preactive Leadership’s unique message is both actionable and field tested. Going beyond motivation, the book supplies concise leadership information and suggests preactive rather than reactive steps through three effective and efficient actions that, applied to any situation, help a leader reach more goals with less conflict. In addition, the author’s expertise derives from an extensive career in management training and consulting with well-known clients, as well as his many years of teaching university courses in management, communications, teambuilding, and leadership. Instead of theory, the reader learns a useful set of tools to do more with less trouble.

Not only does Allen purpose to impact organizational culture, but he also wants to contribute to student leadership by teaching effective behavior. To that end, Allen prepared a Laurel University online course in Preactive Leadership, from which students may earn either full academic credit or obtain CEUs.

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