Michel Josue Testimonial

In Haiti, especially in remote mountain regions, the local teacher is just the person who can read the best and is available – not necessarily one who has received a degree in education or even teacher training.

As school administrator, Michel Josue trains teachers for several schools.

He will be graduating from Laurel University in May 2012 with a master’s degree in education. Once this happens, he’s looking for the next level, a doctorate degree, Michel says

“…to have more, to give more, to do more for the Lord,”

He believes that education will significantly help Haiti out of poverty. He also appreciates Laurel University’s education program which helps him help others.

A Laurel U instructor noticed that every time a class ended, Michel would ask for any power point presentations.

When questioned, he explained that he gathered together information from the classes he was taking to pass it forward, training the teachers he’s responsible for. Not only was he learning himself, but also immediately sharing it with his teacher. Many Laurel U education students in Haiti are doing the same.

Whether formally or informally, they use what they’ve learned to train and assist other teachers to develop curriculum and improve teaching strategies.

“I’m very happy to be part of this program, because this was part of my dream: to further my education to better help my country. What we’re doing here in Haiti is important and what Laurel U is doing is important. I want people to know. Thank you and thank you again.”

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