President’s Office

From the President


Welcome to Laurel University!

Today is a great time to be a part of this growing and exciting institution. Here at Laurel, there is such a wonderful and positive spirit!  We believe that God’s hanDr. Cd is upon us, and we work hard each day to earn the trust of our expanding presence.

One of the reasons for our high expectations at Laurel is the quality of our product: classroom instruction from our faculty. Those of us blessed to serve on Laurel’s team are energized and stimulated by the challenges that face each student entering our world at this time.  We get excited by the new faculty and staff as they arrive with new vision and talent and the passion to lift our work.  We are constantly reviewing and improving our curriculum and renewing our teaching.

Fact is, Laurel offers a faculty gifted in the delivery of excellent instruction with the sensitivity and perspective of seasoned Christian disciples. These great men and women form the critical core of our education here at Laurel, but students remain the heart and soul of this institution.  You are our ministry.

With students entering at multiple levels, multiple ages, multiple career stages, and from multiple backgrounds, Laurel is a diverse, thriving community. There is a place for you at Laurel, and we will do everything in our power to help you find it.  If it’s not in this catalog just call or email us.

If there might be anything we can do to make your college decision and transition easier and more enjoyable or informative, please just let us know. As we have served students successfully for 110 years, so shall we serve you.


Steve Condon, Ph. D