We want you to know that faculty and staff at Laurel University get involved in the lives of our students! Caring, teaching, praying, talking…playing, working, counseling.

We care about our students because we believe that in doing so, we serve God.

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Bennett, Jeremy (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: jbennett@laureluniversity.edu

Burdick, Brent (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: bburdick@laureluniversity.edu

Caldwell, Jason (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: jcaldwell@laureluniversity.edu

Clark, Stanley (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: sclark@laureluniversity.edu

Coats, Christi Anna (Mrs.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: cacoats@laureluniversity.edu

Cochran, Faith (Mrs.)
Assistant Director of Student Services / Adjunct Faculty
Email: fcochran@laureluniversity.edu

Cole, Eric (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: ecole@laureluniversity.edu

Courts, Bari (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: bcourts@laureluniversity.edu

Craft, Sharon (Mrs.)
Adjunct Faculty 
Email: scraft@laureluniversity.edu

Condon, Steve (Dr.)
President & CEO
Professor of Education
Email: scondon@laureluniversity.edu

Cutrell, Kathy (Mrs.)
Executive Administrative Assistant
Director of Human Resources
Development Assistant
University Cashier
Phone: 336.821.2470
Email: kcutrell@laureluniversity.edu
Email: hr@laureluniversity.edu

Cutrell, Marc (Rev.)
Adjunct Faculty – Dean of Students
Email: mcutrell@laureluniversity.edu

Deaton, Nancy (Mrs.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: ndeaton@laureluniversity.edu

Donley, Brian  (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty 
Email: bdonley@laureluniversity.edu

Dunn, Wayne (Mr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: wdunn@laureluniversity.edu

Evans, Mark (Mr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: mevans@laureluniversity.edu

Golding, Craig (Mr.)
Men & Women’s Soccer Coach
Email: cgolding@laureluniversity.edu

Harris, Otto (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: oharris@laureluniversity.edu

Hemric, Cheryl (Ms.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: chemric@laureluniversity.edu

Henderson, Kalebra (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: khenderson@laureluniversity.edu

Hill, Kady (Ms.)
Coordinator for Business and Financial Operations
Phone: 336.821.2476
Email: khill@laureluniversity.edu

Jones, Adelina Giselle (Dr.)
Associate Professor
Phone: 336.821.2482
Email: gjones@laureluniversity.edu

Jones, Chelsea (Ms.)
Volleyball Coach
Email: cjones@laureluniversity.edu

Jones, Fred (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: fjones@laureluniversity.edu

Kelly, Matt (Mr.)
Assistant to Coaches
Email: mkelly@laureluniversity.edu

King, Wendy (Mrs.)
Executive Director of Administration & Business / Adjunct Faculty                                                                                                                                                                                                          Phone: 336.821.2473
Email: wking@laureluniversity.edu

Kingsbury, Nathaniel (Rev.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: nkingsbury@laureluniversity.edu

Laurel University – High Point Campus
1215 Eastchester Drive
High Point, NC 27265
Phone: 336.887.3000
Fax: 336.889.2261

Ledbetter, Michelle (Mrs.)
Adjunct Faculty 
Email: mledbetter@laureluniversity.edu

Lindsey, April (Mrs.)
Director of Library Services
Phone: 336.821.2479
Email: alindsey@laureluniversity.edu

Lindsey, John (Dr.)
Phone: 336.821.2481
Email: jlindsey@laureluniversity.edu

Littlefield, Emily (Ms.)
Vice President of Finance and Instruction
Phone: 336.821.2472
Email: elittlefield@laureluniversity.edu

McGrath, Christopher (Mr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: cmcgrath@laureluniversity.edu

McMillion, Rebecca (Ms.) 
Adjunct Faculty 
Email: rmcmillion@laureluniversity.edu

Mercadante, David (Rev.)
Adjunct Faculty 
Email: dmercadante@laureluniversity.edu

Mestman, Ben-Gourion (Mr.)
Adjunct Faculty 
Email: bmestman@laureluniversity.edu

Miller, Kim (Rev.)
Director of Student Services and Spiritual Life                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Phone: 336.821.2477
Email: kmiller@laureluniversity.edu

Nickens, Mark (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty 
Email: mnickens@laureluniversity.edu

Nicklow, Perry (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: pnicklow@laureluniversity.edu

Peterson, Morgan (Mrs.)
Softball Coach
Phone: 336.821.2475
Email: mpeterson@laureluniversity.edu

Putnam, Marc (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty 
Email: mputnam@laureluniversity.edu

Renfroe, Dennis (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: drenfroe@laureluniversity.edu

Saake, Garrett (Dr.)
Director of Choral Activities
Email: gsaake@laureluniversity.edu

Selleck, Ron (Dr.)
Phone: 336.821.2483
Email: reselleck@laureluniversity.edu

Spelcher, Jason (Mr.)
Assistant to Coaches
Email: jspelcher@laureluniversity.edu

Storch, Emilie (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: estorch@laureluniversity.edu

Weger, Joel (Mr.)
Athletic Trainer
Email: jweger@laureluniversity.edu

Williams, Carla (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: cwilliams@laureluniversity.edu

Williams, Gene (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: gwilliams@laureluniversity.edu

Willett, Larry (Mr.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: lwillett@laureluniversity.edu

Workman, Greg (Mr.)
Bookstore Manager
ABHE Solutions Administrator
Phone: 336.821.2478
Email: gworkman@laureluniversity.edu
Email: registrar@laureluniversity.edu
Email: bookstore@laureluniversity.edu

Young, Candace (Mrs.)
Adjunct Faculty
Email: cyoung@laureluniversity.edu